Game Horse Association of New Jersey


Membership & Points

  A little bit about how it all works:

You do not have to be a member to participate 

 but we do have a nice Awards program at the

end of the year for our pointed members. The

fees are minimal and "family friendly":

      Member Pony:                                 $10.00

      Non-Member Pony:                         $12.00 

      Member Junior:                                $12.00  

      Non-Member Junior:                        $15.00

      Member Senior:                                $15.00

      Non-Member Senior:                        $20.00

            ** Fees are for the entire day**

Single event fees are as follows:

        Members: $10.00

        Non-members: $12.00

*if you're planning on riding more than 1 event, it's cheaper to pay for the whole day.

         To become a member it is an annual fee of

$15.00 individual and $20.00 family ( in one

household). To qualify for points and year-end

awards it is $15.00 per horse/rider combination

additional. Our divisions go by age of the rider

{ *As of January 1st. *} not size of the horse so:

 Ponies are ages:                   1-12 years old 

 Juniors are ages:                 13 - 17 years old 

 Seniors are ages:                 18 and up


We start each show with 2 individual events,

changed each week,  1 "double" event ( 2 riders

riding as a team and signed up for separately

each week) usually Baton or Ribbon, a short

break, then poles & barrels. Ribbons are handed

out to the top 6 times in each division per event.

Points are given for each placing and each show

 awards a Grand & Reserve ribbon to the top

 rider in each division. If you sign up for points

then these weekly points will be tallied towards

the end of the year awards.

     In January of  each year we hold an Awards

Banquet to present the awards where everyone

 has a lot of fun eating, drinking, dancing and



     We do have a dress code for our riders. It is a

 western, or collered shirt with buttons or snaps

& western or riding boots (not work boots or

 sneakers). Hard hats & cowboy hats are

optional but not required. Horses must be

 ridden with a saddle. A further list of rules is

available at the registration table.



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